Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guns n' Roses

Ladies and gentleman spring is in the air! (Well, technically it should be spring, but if we’re going by Arizona seasons, it’s essentially summer in our 90+ degree month of March). And you know what that means right?! I mean besides the Reese’s peanut butter eggs…not that I look forward to eating them all year long, one six pack at a time, but…anyway, back to the task at hand…PLANTS!! And I’ve been itching to get some plants in the ground ever since the dogs trampled them to death last spring. That and my mother’s patio is like a freakin’ Green House and I get really jealous every time I go over there. BUT we played it smart this year and got some fencing to line our garden with in order to keep the dogs out. We’re about 2 weeks in and I still have visible plants in the ground. AND it appears they’re even blossoming! So I think our fencing idea is working. SCORE: Nate+Rissa: 1 Dogs: 0
Here's some before's

And After's

This guy is our super cool mini citrus tree

On a slightly less flowery, maybe not as green-and-pretty note…we shot some guns last weekend! 

The casing hit me in my forehead =(

I like to think my number on the BA scale just went up 10 points. 


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