Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

So I was searching through my photo library on my computer trying to find a good picture of my mom and I to post for Mother's Day (like a good daughter) and the more I kept scrolling the more I thought, how the heck am I supposed to pick just one picture? The answer is I can't. So I opted instead, to write a blog post about my mom because that way, I can post a lot of pictures and say a lot more stuff than I can fit into an Instagram caption and also because when I give her her Mother's Day card I can just write, "Please visit for your Mother's Day wishes." JK. Kinda.

If you don't know Sally already, you should. The good thing for me is that I've known her since I was born (hellurr) and she's my bestie.
We're besties because my mom is like, one of the funnest people you'll meet. This works out well for me because I love fun.
Christmas trivia, themed footie pajamas, trips, spontaneous interpretive dancing, snapchat conversations in the ugliest filters they have to offer - there's never a dull moment with my mom.
She knows all the words to "Be Our Guest," "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," and "Takin' Care of Business" and she's not afraid to sing them. In the middle of a dance floor. At a wedding reception probably. While she's simultaneously cutting a rug cause she does that too. Mom goes hard on the dance floor. 
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I suppose...
...that's the saying right?

She's also always down to try something new. Like, ariel yoga for example,
Halloween costumes for the better part of the 90s,
Or becoming kayak owners after Nate and I convinced her and my dad to buy some so that we could all paddle together.
She even gave camping another try after swearing it off for years and now she loves it and we hike and we camp and she'll always get in the water no matter how cold it is.
My mom and I also like all the same things. Namely alcohol (and also the aforementioned camping and hiking and kayaking)...
...And also desserts. My mom can eat an impressive amount of desserts in one sitting and if there's one thing I strive to accomplish in life, it's to get on my mom's level when it comes to eating desserts. 
I'm not a mom so I don't think I can fully comprehend what it's like and what sacrifices are required to raise another human being but I imagine it's a lot because when I think about over the course of my entire life - my mom was never not there. She was always there - to talk, to hang out, to take me to gymnastics practice and pick me up from cheer practice, to make dinner for me, to soften the blows when I would come home past curfew and dad wanted to lay the hammer down, to wake me up in the middle of the night to catch Nate when she discovered him and his friends TP-ing the house, to watch me graduate high school and college, and plan my wedding. It's pretty incredible the time and love and investment that's put into raising up another life. And I'd say my mom did it perfectly.

Happy Mother's Day mama! Go on whichya bad self!!

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  1. Your mom is THE CUTEST!!! No wonder you are too *hairflip*. Happy Mother's Day Sally!!!



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