Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good Things vol. 2

Hi friends. How's everyone holding up? Are we making it? It's been a brutal week...and I don't think I need to mention why. We all know why, and I think we're all pretty drained no matter what side of the fence we're on am I right? I can speak for myself when I say this week has been a lesson for me. A lesson in self control, a lesson in grace, and...self control. Social media has been particularly ruthless but like the sucker that I am, I haven't been able to look away. Like, I know it's gonna be bad and I know I'm gonna get upset but I keep scrolling. Things really started to get to me by the end of the week and I just sort of felt like I needed to come up for air. Some fresh, non-political, good air. So, in light of the last post I wrote when I needed similar encouragement, this is going to be a "volume II" of sorts, of an incomplete list of things I really really like because when you're feeling frustrated and less than loved, brainstorming a list of things you do in fact, love, is a good remedy. So let's do the thang, shall we?

An Incomplete List of Good Things that I Really Really Like

1.) Leftover Halloween candy

2.) Driving with the moon-roof open

3.) Spinach Ravioli from Costco

4.) Sunsets in Arizona

5.) The fact that when I call or text Nate, his ring tone for me is the Harry Potter theme music

6.) $5 Hot N' Ready pizzas from Lil C's (that's Little Caesars for those of you who don't frequent there more than twice per we may or may not do)

7.) When Nate is trying to put something away it its place and it won't quite fit and he says, "Git in yer hole" and I laugh every time

8.) Finding elk or deer in the woods and when you spot them they just stare back at you like, "Come at me bro."

9.) Open bars at weddings

10.) Doing the Cha Cha Slide at weddings

11.) Weddings

12.) When they serve Mushroom Bisque soup at work in the cafeteria

13.) Catching Blue Gills

14.) The smell of Ponderosa Pine trees

15.) The word "amalgamation." I learned that one from my boss. She's full of fancy words.

16.) How whenever I hear the song "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC I'm immediately back in college at Sun Devil Stadium watching Sparky stomp the bus. ...Good times.

17.) Weekly newsletters from Yoga with Adriene

18.) To-go wine glasses

19.) Gunther laying right next to me as I blog this right now

20.) Maycee giving me stink eye as I blog this right now ...she's an independent woman with a little attitude and I admire that about her

Let's have a good week , k friends?

"...Maybe right now instead of giving someone a piece of your mind - it's far better to give them pieces of your heart." - Ann Voskamp

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  1. Happy animal videos!!!! That's what got me through the week, and continues to!!!



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