Monday, September 12, 2016

You Should Just Go Home

The other day I was texting with a couple of my girlfriends in our group chat and like we usually do, someone started complaining about work. The other responded with, "you should go home." It was at that moment that I realized "you should just go home" is actually our solution for everything. Not feeling good? You should go home. Work is annoying? You should go home. Whatever your problem and/or dilemma is, going home will surely solve it. So in case you too, need reasons to just go home here's 20 of them:

1.) It's cloudy and/or raining and you want to enjoy the day at home...not at work

2.) Your monthly wine subscription is being delivered today and someone over the age of 21 needs to sign for it

3.) You ate too much at lunch and you need to unbutton your pants. ...You can't do that in your cube, you should go home

4.) You forgot a snack. Let's be honest how productive are you really, when you're hungry?

5.) Your avocado turned brown already and you need a fresh one

6.) Aunt Flo is in town

7.) People are sending you stupid emails. Run away from the stupid emails. Go home.

8.) You're tired. Go home and lay down.

9.) You have a headache

10.) Your Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles are being delivered today and you don't want them sitting outside in the heat because they might melt.

11.) The Diamondbacks have a day game. You can't watch a baseball game at work. Go home.

12.) You checked the score of the Diamondbacks game and they're losing and you need to go home and wallow

13.) It's too hot outside to go to work

14.) It's too cold in your office to be at work

15.) You want Costco spinach ravioli. They don't sell Costco spinach ravioli in the cafeteria; you should go home and make some.

16.) You miss your dogs

17.) You used all of your data. You should go home where there's wifi

18.) You spilled coffee on yourself at 9am and you might as well just give up on the day. Go home.

19.) Your dog stepped in shit and then jumped on your bed and you need to go home and wash your comforter

20.) People are still talking about Colin Kaepernick. DEF TIME TO GO HOME.

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