Sunday, March 20, 2016

Choosing Post Titles is Hard: Sunday Night Edition

Hello and welcome, to the Sunday night edition of T is for Townsend. This is the portion of our show where I drink red wine and blog while simultaneously trying to catch the gnat that keeps flying around my head because I'm overly concerned about it going in my wine glass. Wine glasses are where gnats go to die, I'm sure of it.

Anyway, before I get into weekend shenanigans which, now that I'm thinking about it could be summed up like so: brunch, bridesmaid duty, antiques, wine, grocery shopping, and a Fixer Upper marathon, I just want to take a moment and acknowledge that this Snapchat face-swap thing is getting a little out of hand and maybe even a little annoying but please just look at how perfect this is:
I'm Randy Johnson you guys. RANDY JOHNSON. ...If face-swapping is wrong I don't wanna be right. 

Also, live update: I killed the gnat before it could fly into my wine glass and so now I can blog in peace. I know you're all as relieved as I am. 

So anyway, this weekend was a good one. A busy one. Actually I take that back only one day was busy and the other was not. Saturday was the busy day and it started with brunch (because how else should you start a Saturday am I right) with my frans Kailey, and Brianna, and Carlin. And also mimosas. Mimosas are my frans too. From brunch we went bridesmaids dress shopping for Brianna's wedding which was super fun, but in hindsight, what's not super fun is gorging yourself on brunch and mimosas and then having to go get measured and try on dresses. It's not good for the self-esteem. 

After dress shopping came antiquing. There's this antique show in Phoenix that's only open like, the third Thursday-Sunday of every month or something like that and conveniently I found out about it the week before and was able to plan a trip out there. So after a pit stop at Dutch Bro's for an afternoon pick-me-up we arrived at Sweet Salvage and channeled our inner Joanna Gaines.

There were two warehouses plus like, an outdoor area all full of treasures. 
And when I say "treasures" I truly mean treasures like for example a big huge sing that says Wine:
I didn't buy it because as I mentioned, it was big and huge and I don't have a big huge space for it in my house. In my soul, yes. I have space in my soul for wine always. Wine is my soulmate (besides Nate I guess), but logistically I have nowhere to put in my physical household. I was however, in the market for a vintage-y headboard and/or nightstands for my bedroom because I do have physical space for those in my household but alas, I didn't find any. I didn't walk away totally empty handed though because I found this awesome Insta account - Twenty6 Designs a few weeks ago and she happened to be at the show this weekend so I bought this awesome tank from her:
Go check her out (and her Etsy shop) she has some awesome stuff!
After I finished my day with these lovely ladies I met up with my friend Sarah for dinner and wine. We not only tried a new place but we also used Lyft for the first time. I went to call an Uber at like 6pm when we were trying to leave and there was already a surge charge for Uber. At 6pm. In Chandler. I was so annoyed I was like this is stupid and I downloaded Lyft and decided to give it a try. When you download it for the first time it gives you like, up to $50 in ride credits to be used within your first two weeks so I'm already a fan. I Uber/Lyft everywhere nowadays because my husband is a cop and I get the drinking and driving/DUI/ZERO TOLERANCE lecture often. I shouldn't say "lecture," "lecture" has a negative connotation and I know it's coming from a place of love and concern and caring, so maybe I'll use "discussion" instead. We have the drinking and driving/DUI/ZERO TOLERANCE discussion often. So, I figure I'll skip it altogether and just get driven around everywhere if I plan on having a drink. It's a win win, really. 

Sunday I only got up from the couch one time to go grocery shopping and the rest of the day I spent watching a Fixer Upper/Flip or Flop marathon. For the record, Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines IS LIFE. 

And that brings us to this lovely Sunday evening. Now that this blog post is finished I'm gonna go catch the end of the Coyotes hockey game, then probably scroll through instagram a few more times, maybe check Twitter, then try and go to sleep but probably end up just laying there until 1am like I always do on Sunday nights. Is it just me or does anyone else have issues falling asleep Sunday nights?? 

Have a fantastic week, friends!

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  1. I've recitals seen a few episodes of fixer upper and I'll just say I'm team Tarek and Christina forever. Fixer upper isn't bad though-I feel like I'm alone in this.

    Also random but can you tell me about Tucson? Like everything! Food scene (fiancé is a chef)?Friend scene (because I need friends)? One of my nanny families is moving there and is trying to convince us to go with but we have never been and don't really know how we would like it. We went to the Tempe/Phoenix area in December and really liked it. So any insight would be oh so helpful! :)

  2. i feel like my comments are best done in bullet/number format so....

    1. not to downplay you w/ randys face but.... your face on the bobble head is AMAZE
    2. i think we can agree mimosas/wine are the best frans/soulmates ever
    3. "pick me up" = understatement of the year
    5. love you mean it



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