Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sushi and Oysters and Skyping, Oh My

It's Sunday night and here we are - another day another dolla Sunday, another blog post. Before I started writing a minute ago, the following exchange just took place:
Nate: "Jake's on his way over, just FYI"
Me: "Are you saying I need to button my pants?"
Nate: "........"

Life is rough when you have to button your pants on a Sunday.

Anyway, this weekend wasn't exactly thrilling BUT the best part about it??...It's not over yet!! Thanks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So, I will be enjoying my three-day weekend into tomorrow! And by "enjoying" I really just mean probably cleaning my house and cruising Target at some point (cause the best way to spend your days off is cruising Target. No, seriously).

Anyway, the highlight of my weekend was Saturday night when my sister and I took my mom out for sushi. She'd never had sushi before. So basically, we took her sushi V-card. Her reaction:
"It's ....interesting."
"Definitely outside the box for me."
So the jury is still out on if she actually liked it or not, but she was a sport and tried everything...
...even the oysters my sister ordered. 
...which is brave cause even I don't get down with oysters, although I do have to give myself a little credit cause if she tried them, I had to too.
She said, "it tastes like the ocean"...
So we tried new things, drank good drinks, ate good sushi, and had a fantastic girls night out.

Then Sunday I had a fantastic girls night in when I Skyped with Brianna and Kailey for...wait for it....three hours and 13 minutes
It's funny cause the last time we Skyped, we Skyped for three hours and 14 minutes. We were trying to find a time when the three of us could all video chat together and Brianna said, "Kailey maybe Sunday when you have a free hour?" and Kailey said, "When do we ever Skype for ONE hour??" and we laughed and laughed cause it's funny and true. What do we talk about for three hours you might ask?? I don't really know. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes we just sit there and Snapchat each other when someone catches someone making an ugly face mid-sentence. Sometimes we walk our computers around the room to show the others how we want to rearrange it. Sometimes we make sandwiches or coffee together, or drink wine together (virtual happy hour is my personal fav). Wherever the Skype wind takes us, I tell you.

Then I sat down to finish this blog post and noticed that my wine matches my Bible.
If that's not divine intervention telling me I needed some pink moscato tonight, I dunno what is.

Oh and also, what would a blog post be without some Gunther in it? Please know that if you throw a blanket on top of Gunther, he won't move or try to get out from under it. He just sits there (Lord knows why). So we tried an experiment to see how many things we could throw on top of Gunther before he tried to get them off. It was a lot of things.
So that was a fun way to spend 20 minutes.

But anyway, that boys and girls, is where this virtual road ends. Where the journey stops. Where the.... nope, actually I'm out of metaphors.

Let's have a fantastic Monday, shall we?!

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  1. Every day is a good day to stroll Target. No exceptions.

  2. it taste like the ocean hahahhahhahahhahha

  3. Mmmm sushi, now I want some. Now I know what we're doing for date night on friday! I don't get down with the oysters either...yuck!

    Your Bible is so cute!

  4. Your bible is cute like you and I'm jealous of the wine and sushi. I'm sorry you had to put pants on on a Sunday. Thats a rough life right there. But I'm not THAT sorry since you posted an ugly picture of me.

  5. i really need a gunther in my life. or a maycee. or an oakley. maybe an Oley.



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