Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Weekend Wrap Up Except it's Not About the Weekend per Say

I asked Nate a minute go, "Nate, should I blog?" and he said, "If you want to," so then I was like, "What should I blog about?" and he goes, "my sh***ing habits." So then I was like, "What if I actually blogged about your sh***ing habits, would you care?" and he laughed a funny laugh and said no. I'll spare you though, so don't worry. I won't blog about Nate's sh***ing habits.

Truth is, I have nothing really to blog about. This weekend was pretty low key and relaxing; the kind where I didn't put makeup on even once - which is a good kind of weekend I think. But in an effort to start blogging more habitually I felt like maybe I should come up with something anyway - hence the asking-Nate-for-blogging-advice intro paragraph. I should know though not to ask him for blogging advice. Like, I don't even know why I did that actually. So the rest of this is just gonna be like a, "whatever comes to mind first" sort of post. Apologies in advance.

I will say though, I did get something accomplished this weekend. I woke up early on Saturday and......went running. I know, queue gasps and horrified facial expressions. I'm trying (once again) to get into this running thing. I hate it and it makes me uncomfortable, and I have really bad knees but the reality is, it's cheaper than a gym membership or to outright purchase a cardio machine of sorts, so running (or slogging more like) it is. I started using the Couch to 5K app and so far so good. I've only finished the first week though, so ask me again in like, two weeks and see if I haven't given up yet. I got out to the canal behind my house Saturday morning and it was brimming with people walking their dogs, running, and riding bikes. I'm like, "So this is what the people look like who don't sleep in until 11am on a Saturday."

Saturday afternoon ASU played (and won) their last home football of the season and upon its conclusion, so begins Hate Week...
Arizona State and Arizona play their rivalry Territorial Cup game on Friday. Truth is, I don't really hate anyone and I really don't get into all the shit talking cause quite frankly, I'm a terrible shit talker. If you hurl an insult at me the worst you'll get back is probably like a, "Yeah well...yeah well.......I mean,...." and so on and so forth. I have a lot of friends that went to UofA and I appreciate that the shit talking gets kept to a minimum. Outloud anyway. I mean, I talk shit in my head all the time, I just don't verbalize it (insert winky face emoji).

You know what I accidently did the other day? I broke my own Instagram rule and I accidently posted two alcohol photos back to back. I try not to do that because I feel like it's a bad look. But when you're enjoying $4 frozen sangrias one weekend and then the next day you're at happy hour with your girlfriends, you can't really not Instagram it right??
Patios and fireplaces and red wine are a few of my favorite things for winter in Arizona.

Here's an awkward picture of Gunther and I.

Here's a picture of Gunther and I snuggling.

And here's a picture of Maycee pretending like she wants to snuggle but really she's just begging for breakfast and Gunther's in the background all jealous cause Maycee's getting more attention than he is.
And so concludes the dog portion of this blog post.

You know what - I love being an adult. Like, I love being done with school, having a good paying job and on the right career path, having fur-children and a husband and blah blah blah. And for as much as I feel like I'm an adult, when my mom tells me I have to bring a dish to Thanksgiving dinner in my head I'm like, what the hell do you think I am??? An adult??? Like in my head I'm still a child and Thanksgiving is something I participate in, not something I contribute to via bringing a dish of sorts. I'm like no, I don't do Thanksgiving. I just eat it. Please don't make me cook. I tried to reply to the family email with a joke and then the next time I saw my mom she's like, "Ok but what are you bringing?" and I tried to brush it off and make another joke, and then the next time I saw her she asked me again, "SO WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO THANKSGIVING?" ...I'm beginning to think she's serious. Ugh, adulthood sucks.

Anyway, that's probably a long enough blog post full of things that aren't important so I'll stop there. Normally I would conclude this post with some sort of complaint that tomorrow's Monday but hey, we only have to work for three days this week so yay! That is indeed something to be thankful for. Hooray Thanksgiving!  

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  1. this was cute but you didnt mention me or k camp


  2. hahaha - it's about time you helped your poor old mom slaving away in the kitchen instead of just arriving and EATING. And I know you thought your witty little response was gonna do the trick (and it was actually quite witty), but I'm sticking to my guns - BRING A DISH!!! Nanny nanny boo boo!

  3. the awk picture of you and gunther is so funny, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNY.

    I think i said something in my last comment about hoping my mom would ask me to bring a dish, so that i could feel like a real adult. but i take that hope back. #ewno

  4. I got all excited to hear about his shitting habits... you tease! ;P hahaahahah

  5. I LOVE this post!!!!!! I love everything in it! and I love you RISSA!!! Im so glad I got to see you for graduation celebration BBQ and wine!!! ;) Mas wine por favor! xoxoxo

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