Sunday, August 25, 2013

8 Ways You Know You're on a Hunt With Your Wife

This weekend was a good one.
Wanna know why?
Cause I went on my first ever deer hunt.
My first ever archery deer hunt...there's a two-fer if I ever heard one.
I didn't kill anything, though. ...which would've made the weekend even better.
But I think my mom is happy about it - that I didn't "kill Bambi."
Thanks mom. Thanks for wishing failure upon me.

Even though I didn't kill anything, I saw six bucks and 2 does (the plural of "doe,"...don't worry I googled it) between Saturday and Sunday, and as long as I see an animal or two, and know there out there somehwere, I can't even be mad about not killing one.
I'm still a newb at this hunting/archery thing, so I didn't have high expectations for myself.
I just enjoyed the weekend with my husband in the great outdoors.

...Speaking of my husband.
Like I said, this whole hunting thing is still pretty new for me. So, likewise, having me around on a hunt is new for Nate too. 

That said...

You know you're hunting with your wife when...  

-You have to hike slower.
A lot slower.

-The noise coming from the ground blind is louder and more frequent.
...I just can't sit still for three hours straight.
I just can't.

-It takes longer to describe where the deer are when you find 'em in your binoculars
"Where? I don't see them. Where did you say? I still don't see them." 

-You have to take pictures...often...cause your wife's a blogger.
...and if you don't, she will.

...picture taking is really hard when you're in a camp full of men.
Men just don't appreciate picture taking the way women do.

-It takes 3-4 alarms before you're up and ready to go in the morning
...5am is freakin' earlllly for a weekend

-You have to hear about how "cute" the "little" does are

-There's pink in your camo bin

-You have to keep using the Scent-Away cause your wife keeps putting on 
lip gloss and hand lotion - which naturally, smells much too human

And there you have it.
I asked Nate if he regretted taking me with him this weekend, and he said 
"No. I just know I need to change my tactics a little now."

Thanks for putting that softly.
'preciate it.

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  1. camo is so much better with a little pink! ;) props to you for getting up that early on the weekend!

    1. Right?! Glad we're on the same page!! =) And thank you, it was really hard. Waking up is always really hard. hahaha

  2. I love this! I've been hunting a few times with my brothers but have never been able to get a deer yet.. maybe one day!

  3. You're a badass girlfriend.
    Straight up badass.

  4. need to come hunt here. Deer are in my damn yard every day. I use a gun though. I am too weak for a bow or I am trying the wrong bows. What do you use?? the pink camo!!! Very cute!!!

  5. Also here...everyone gets to hunt if you get a raffles or whatever to hunt :)

  6. This sounds like me if I were to go with my husband! I still haven't. I don't think I could ever pull the trigger. Plus, sitting still for 3 hours? No waay. I can't even sun tan without getting restless! It looks like you had fun though! A cute bonding experience!

  7. Hahaha I love his response. My fiance was just talking the other day about how pheasant season is coming up soon and he wants me to go with him. I told him to think long and hard before he issues a formal invitation! :)

  8. I am very glad your accessories are all pink



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