Monday, July 29, 2013

Kinder Creek 2013

This weekend consisted of one really super fun and active day, and one really super lazy unproductive day...which is totally fine by me.
Since you probably don't wanna hear about how I slept in, read blogs, lounged around, ate Chinese food, and watched a Harry Potter marathon, I'll tell you about the hike I went on with my family instead.

I'll sound way more fun that way.

Each year since we've done this hike (check out previous years here and here) I always hesitate whether or not to blog about it. Cause quite frankly it's my most favorite spot in Arizona and I really don't want people finding out about it and making it all busy and populated and stuff.

Cause I'm selfish like that.

But alas, I'll share with you cause it's just too awesome not to.
With any luck you'll forget all about it after this post.
Or maybe I'll give you wrong directions if you ask me where it is?


Kinder Creek is my favorite day hike because it's short, fairly easy with the exception of one really steep, really rocky part, and once you get to the bottom there's water to swim in, scenery to take in, rocks to naps on, and crawdads to catch.
This year, priority one was catching crawdads.

We caught a bunch last year, but wasn't expecting it, so we had nothing to put them in but empty waterbottles. So this year we came prepared with traps and buckets and all sorts of shenanigans.

But first we had to get down there.

The summer monsoons usually roll in and out all day up in northern Arizona, but they started early this particular weekend and made for one really wet, really slippery hike down to the water.

My dad however, was prepared.
We couldn't even make fun of him for looking silly, cause we all wanted his rain jacket.
But we definitely didn't tell him that.
Guess he got the last laugh on that one.

Our first spot is this really neat sandy beach area. I promise, the pictures don't do it justice.

The guys didn't waste time and started catching crawdads...

...and my mom and I didn't waste any time getting our float on

The water was really cold.

After Nate and Adam caught all the crawdads they could, we moved on to our next catch more crawdads.
It doesn't get much prettier...

We spent the afternoon on our favorite rock, watched the guys catch crawdads, enjoyed the monsoon rain...and it just doesn't get much better.
My sister, unfortunately couldn't get off work for the day, so Adam created a stand-in for her.
This one's for you, Audrey.

Once we got home, some serious dinner was in order.




So you know, it was a super fun day, and that's really all I have to say about that.

I love AZ.
I love Kinder Creek.
I love hiking with my family.

I don't love the fact that it's Monday however.
Bad Monday, bad.


  1. gorgeous pics!! I love hiking :)

  2. awe. and yet again every single flipping year I am bummed I didn't sneak in your back pack and bring a floatie!!! lol! looks like a perf afternoon!

  3. In true Duck Dynasty dining form!!

  4. Next time you go to Kinder Creek, I'm coming. No ifs, ands or buts.

  5. This looks so fun! I have never floated on a river/lake in an inner-tube before! It always looked so cool, like in the movie 'You Drive Me Crazy' haha! And that picture of you and your mom floating and laughing is a keeper. So sweet!



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