Sunday, January 1, 2012

A for Effort...and Accuracy

Did you hear that noise?...

That's the sound of me tooting my own horn because I got Nate exactly what he asked for for Christmas. That means I get an A+ in "Gift Giving for Nathan 101." And I'm pretty proud of myself.
The reason this occasion is brag-worthy is because Nate is impossible to shop for. He is so very particular, so very specific in his tastes, and so very difficult to please if he's not buying it for himself. Everything he wants is either too expensive (can you say champagne tastes on a beer budget?), he buys it first, or I have no idea what it is or what it does. ...You can see why that would put a damper on any kind of creativity or element of surprise. 
I've enlisted the help of his buddies in years past and it still just doesn't turn out quite right. But this year was my  breakout year, I got it exactly right and he was oh so happy, which makes me oh so happy.

A million bonus points for me. ...that's right, I said a million.
Dang I'm good.

Guess what I got?!
Have I already finished season 1?
Yes. Yes I have.
Did I frantically run out to buy season 2 upon completion of season 1?
Yes. I did.
Am I already 3/4 of the way through season 2?
Yes. Yes I am.
Big Bang Theory rocks my world.

We open each others gifts early Christmas morning because we always head up North to do the Christmas day thing with Nate's Grandma and his Dad's side of the family.
 Lucky for us there was still snow on the ground! If I wasn't so tired from Christmas Eve, and was running on more than 4 hours of sleep I might've been more apt to play in the snow; but since I didn't have the luxury of either of those I decided to be a spectator to the snow ball fights. Besides, if someone hit me with a snow ball I'm pretty sure I would've ruined their Christmas day with the wrath of a less-than-8-hours-of-sleeping Rissa.

But don't worry, that didn't happen.

My sister-in-law Jessica got a dog for her birthday earlier this year and he came along with us up North. His name is Sheldon. But I think he should be named Yoda. And he had a Christmas outfit.
And if you're wondering what the definition is of "so ugly it's cute"... folks, you're lookin'  right at him:
Aww, we love Sheldon!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

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