Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here today,

Let's begin this post with a little honesty, a little reality 101, shall we?

I have a sweet tooth.

Did you hear?...
By the way, chocolate (or a carton of ice cream) for breakfast is actually the smart way to go, because then you have all day to burn it off. ...Totally justifiable.

Anyway, have you ever had a series of those weird, kinda freaky instances where you feel like maybe God, or the universe, or the chocolate god's are trying to tell you something? Lemme break it down for you: 
Nate hides candy from me. 
Like, straight up, hides all the goods: twizzlers in the safe, takes the cookies to work, etc. etc. He tells me that's the only way he'll get to eat any of them. ...Not sure what would make him feel that way or anything...
Anyway, he got mad at me this weekend for finishing off his Reese's and Twix left over from his weekend hunting trip. Then, yesterday we went over to Nate's parents house for Dinner and my mother-in-law mentioned that they had some snickers in the freezer for dessert, to which my father-in-law pipes up from the other room
"No, they're gone...I ate 'em all when I heard Carissa was coming over."
Next, on my way home from work today listening to the radio there was a commercial for, I kid you not, over-eaters anonymous. Like, a legit, 12-step, "learn to take control of your life" program.


Lastly, Nate came home from the grocery store tonight to replace his stash of sweets in the fridge that I had originally polished off. 
 Now every time I open the refrigerator door he asks,
"What are you doing?"
Usually followed by a,
"Don't eat all the candy."

Given the above-mentioned comments, all occurring within a weeks (ish) time, I'm wondering if maybe it IS time to reevaluate the severity of my sweet tooth, to dig deep and understand my inability to control my portions.



Remember how I mentioned Nate replenished the chocolate in the fridge tonight?

New High Value Target #1
"There is no chocoholics anonymous, cause nobody wants to quit."


  1. haha I LOVE this post and I too think its absolutely acceptable to have ice cream (or chocolate) for breakfast! I mean whats life for without sweets!!!! :)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! OMG this was hilarious!!!!! i remember hearing about Nate hiding treats from you!!! ahh I even read this post to Abel, who also chuckled! Ahh this was the perfect comedic relief to my morning!!! I love you Rissa!!!

  3. in honor of this post I just had a bowl of rocky road ice cream. hear hear chocolate! :)

  4. Ashley-I'm glad I'm not the only one that may or may not eat ice cream for breakfast
    Tyah-HAHA! I'm glad you and Abel got a good chuckle out of it, and I'm glad I could make your morning a little bit better =)
    Kayla- 'ATTA GIRL!!!! LOVE it!!



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